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Since 1981 – A Division of The Atlass Insurance Group

The Atlass Special Risks divison offers the opportunity for unique and customized insurance programs to suit the needs of an industry and select industry markets. Our Atlass Agent’s Center affords insurance brokers and agents the opportunity to cover assets in a valued and price-competetive manner. Atlass Special Risks represents leading “A” rated insurance companies located in the United States and abroad. We specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions to the private yachting industry, commercial marine industry and businesses and commercial & private aviation markets. We are proud of our “high-standards” and the personal service tha accompanies the custom programs and packages designed exclusively by Atlass.  We work earnestly to provide competetive rates and programs.

Atlass Specials Risks is a division of the Atlass Insurance Group and we have the personnel with the knowledge and ability to solve a spectrum of insurance needs.

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