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Special Risks Commercial Marine Insurance

Commercial Marina Insurance

Commercial Hull & P&I: The scope of coverage available to our clients is complete and comprehensive for commerical hull & marine insurance.

Marine General Liability: Our professional and totally independent advice is supported by the fact that we represent many of the leading US Marine and Aviation insurers and are in continuous communication with the London market and other foreign insurers.

Marina & Boat Dealers: The necessary coverages for Manufacturers, Shipyards, Marine Contractors and Artisans, Cargo, Builder’s Risk, CGL, Marinas and Boat Dealers, SRLL, Wharfinger’s Liability, Products Liability and Maritime Employer’s Liability, Umbrellas and Bumbershoots.

Atlass Special Risks Division is Fully Committed to the International Marine Industry Businesses and Community Members

The scope of coverage available to our clients is complete and comprehensive for commercial hull & marine insurance.

We represent many leading domestic insurers and maintain contact with the London Market, and other European underwriters. The Atlass Insurance Group represents only “A” rated companies.

Commercial Hull and Protection & Indemnity Application

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Marina, Service Center and Boat Dealer Insurance Application

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Commercial Marine General Liability Insurance Application

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